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As Corendon Flights, we organize safe and comfortable direct flights to 165 airports in 65 countries. You can find all flight regulations concerning our operations on this page. We have collected all the information you may need from updates about Covid-19 measures to rules implemented when traveling with your pet, from special conditions to necessary documents and more.

Up-to-date regulations



ECAA regulations for charter flights to Egypt

If a passenger is an Egyptian citizen, he/she cannot travel on charter flights to/from Egypt.

In order to travel with a charter flight, the passenger has the obligation to be an airline employee, or work for a tourist company, to have a valid identity card and to fly with a free ticket.

Passengers who are not Egyptian citizens should, if they arrive by charter flight, leave the country again with a charter flight; If they arrive with a scheduled flight, they must leave the country with a scheduled flight.

Passengers who are not an Egyptian citizen must leave from the same the airport they have arrived at.

Passengers who are not Egyptian nationals must be able to present their travel documents to and from Egypt at any time.

Passengers (irrespective of their original nationality) who hold a valid, German, Belgian, French, Portuguese or Italian identity card can enter Egypt on presentation of their national identity card without a passport.


New Regulations Regarding Rules Violation During Flights

On January 29th, 2013 new regulations (SHY-IPC) were published in the official Turkish Law Gazette regarding penalties of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, applicable to passengers exhibiting rules violating behavior during flights, effective from January 1st, 2014.

Who classifies as a rules violating passenger?

If a person, from the moment of boarding until the moment of departing the aircraft, endangers the safety of the co-passengers and the cabin crew, obstructs the duties of the cabin crew, causes damages to material present in the aircraft, threatens, or violates any in civil aviation valid rules and disobeys the instructions of the crew, then such a person is considered to be an offender of the rules. In such cases the following money penalties are applicable.

Violations and penalties

Violation Applicable money penalty
If, even after a warning, the use of portable electronic appliances is continued 1.000 EUR/GBP
If, even after a warning,  
- the passenger does not occupy his seat  
- the safety belt is not fastened  
- the luggage compartment is not closed  
- a dispute with a co-passenger or with the cabin crew continues- the duties of the crew members are hindered  
- verbal offences of co-passengers or crew members continues  
- the instructions of the crew are disobeyed and  
- actions continue that endanger the flight safety and security 1.000 EUR/GBP
Smoking within the aircraft 1.000 EUR/GBP

Regulations, Article 5

If after a given warning the passenger continues the violation as stipulated in the Regulations, then an official report will be drafted. The captain of the aircraft and two crew members will determine the violation and record this in writing. The report will include the name, the surname, the address and city of the person involved. In the case of a Turkish citizen the T.C. identification number is mentioned. In the case of another nationality the name, the surname, the address and city as well as the passport number of the person involved is mentioned. The passenger will be instructed that he violates the regulations of the DGCA. Furthermore the passenger will be verbally reminded that a continuation of the violation will result in a money penalty as stipulated in the Regulations and that an official report will be drawn. The air company will examine the official report, concerning the passenger in violation of the rules, with the undersigning crew members and after mutual agreement transmit the report for signing to the quality system manager and the air company’s Director. Whereupon the report will be submitted to the DGCA. The Directorate may request the air company or the involved passenger to supply more information and details on the subject. In the case of an objection to the imposed money penalty the air company is responsible for the submission of proof.


New E-Visa Regulations

Dear Guests,

Recent information published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey is available via below link. For more information about an e-Visa please click here.



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