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Family with Kids Campaign

A holiday with your children is a whole lot better with 25% discount!


01 March 2021 - 15 March 2021


All flights starting from and including on May 1st, 2021

Corendon Airlines make holidays more enjoyable for families with children by giving 25% discount on all flights. If you are planning a holiday with your children make sure you get your tickets by the 15th of March to benefit from a 25% discount on your ticket price. Available for flights to all destinations. Book your flight ticket now!

Campaign details

A holiday with your children is a whole lot better with 25% discount!
As part of Corendon Airlines' Family with Kids Campaign, all reservations must be travelling with at least 1 child. All flights must be booked by the 15th March to benefit from the 25% discount off the ticket price.

Within the scope of the campaign; 25% discount can be applied to all flight destinations and dates after and including May 1st, 2021. You must be signed in order to benefit from the campaign.

The Campaign is valid for all flights open for sale. The 25% discount valid for the Family with Kids Campaign will be applied over the ticket amount of all passengers in the reservation.

We wish you a pleasant flight.

Your ticket is safe!
At Corendon Airlines we know plans can change! Booking with Corendon Airlines gives you peace of mind and assurance. For the comfort of our guests, we provide free date and destination changes with all reservations. Book now and enjoy the comfort of making changes up to 7 days in advance.



Campaign conditions:

1. Valid for all ticket types (Eco, Flex, Premium).
2. The campaign starts on, March 1st, 2021 Monday at 18:00, and ends on March 15th, 2021 Monday at 23:59.
3. This campaign is valid for all ticket purchases with at least 1 child passenger (2-12 years old).
4. The campaign is valid on all tickets open for sale on or after May 1st, 2021.
5. The 25% discount rate is applied to the ticket price for all passengers for bookings involving child passengers.
6. The campaign discount is only applied on the ticket price. Additional products purchased with service fees and taxes are not included in the discount.
7. You must be signed in order to benefit from the campaign.
8. The campaign can only be used one time.
9. Corendon Airlines reserves the right to suspend, expand, and/or amend this campaign at any time.
10.The campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns or discounts. Discounts eligible for this campaign cannot be combined with coupon discounts.
11.No real or legal person can make claims apart from the provisions written here within the scope of the campaign. The right to make decisions in controversial issues is fully entitled to Corendon Airlines.
12.The terms of the campaign and the regulated provisions are an integral part of the ticket conditions.
13.For all tickets purchased within the campaign; there is a right to change the date and route without penalty only once, up to 7 days before the flight.
14.If the price of the new flight you wish to reserve is higher than the old reservation, the price change will be collected from the passenger.
15.If the price of the new flight you wish to reserve is lower than the old reservation, the price difference will not be refunded to the passenger.
16.In case of cancellation of the ticket, the cancellation rules of the ticket type (Eco, Flex, Premium) you have purchased will apply.
17.In case of cancellation of the ticket, the refund of the discounted amount to be made in accordance with the conditions of the ticket class, will be refunded to you in the currency you paid and through the collection channel you paid.

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