Traveling is easy when you know the Covid-19 restrictions

Traveling is easy when you know the Covid-19 restrictions

During your travel with Corendon Airlines; rest assured we always follow the rules determined by the legal authorities of the country you are going to and you will not encounter any application other than these rules. The rules and restrictions for traveling during the Covid-19 period are constantly changing due to circumstances. For this reason, please always check this page before your trip, for applications that may cover all passengers; such as filling out forms, submitting negative PCR test results or mandatory quarantine.

Travel restrictions by countries in our flight network

Corendon Airlines is with you so that you will not miss anything about your trip. For the holiday of your dreams, all you have to do is take a look at the current travel restrictions of the destination country.

In order to view up-to-date information on international travel restrictions and measures please visit the International Air Transport Association (IATA page).

Please note that these regulations are subject to change.

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